Summer vacation 2007
Last day - Notting Hill
Today is our last full day in London. We had previously arranged to meet up with Silje & Rodrigo, friends from Bergen who now live in Notting Hill. Since “our” underground station (Aldgate East) was closed for maintenance, we had to walk to Liverpool St. Station, which conveniently led us by the
London Eye
It’s actually pretty cool to not have a packed program every day. We’ve spent hours just walking around downtown London, not being stressed by having to be certain places at certain times, and doing all you’re supposed to do as a tourist... But we needed to try out the London Eye, which I didn’t
The land of Lava...
Today we headed up to the Mathmos store, where I had been in 2006 and purchased replacement bottles for the lava lamps at home. The excuse was of course that a) Lene hadn’t been there, and b) we need replacement bulbs for the lamps... The result was of course that we walked out with a lamp for
Relaxing & Shopping
Today was just relaxing. A trip to the Apple Store to check out the latest products, some shopping down Regent St. trying to take the London Eye (postponed until friday because of uncertain weather conditions) and me shopping remote controlled helicopter... (Really looking to buy a couple of extra
City of Dover, UK
We set out early from Paris, ensuring arrival in London before night, since I haven’t been able to get a workshop adjust my headlights (turns out coverage-foil to compensate for asymmetric headlights is not an option on bi-xenon lights...). We had a plan A and plan B for the trip, the first being
The summer of 2007 we have decided to take a car trip around parts of Europe. Starting of in Norway, we’re taking the boat to Kiel in Germany, driving down to Brussels in Belgium, where we’re staying for a couple of days. Then we’re off to the capital of France, Paris, where we’re staying 4 days visiting Eurodisney amongst other attractions. Then we’re driving back up north to Calais, where we’re planning on taking the Eurotunnel to Dover in England, ending up in London where we’re spending the next 5 days. After this we’re driving to Newcastle where the boat will take us back to Norway. Enjoy the blog! :)